Zero Point Energy Wand – Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand and Your Energy Meridians


How Does The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand Work On Your Energy Meridians?

It has been known for thousands of years that energy meridians exist in and around your body and their condition and flow affect health and vitality of your organs and body parts. Health has been positively affected by the use of acupuncture for thousands of years. Now anyone can have the benefits of acupuncture without pricking the skin and they can do it themselves at home. This innovation is called the Iyashi  zero point energy wand. The process that the Iyashi wand uses energy to fix energy just like acupuncture does but the full spectrum Iyashi wand has a few more added bells and whistles.

The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand Wanding Guide

You really don’t need to know anything about acupuncture because acupuncture also uses points that are just sore but are not connected to energy meridians. However, IIT has created a wanding guide that will show you where to use your Iyashi wand and which technique to use if that is helpful to you.  You basically poke around and find places that are particularly tender under your finger tip, place the full spectrum Iyashi wand there and roll it back and forth between your first finger and your thumb or other techniques that are shown in their manual.

Moving Painful Stuck Energy With A Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand

Pain is usually stuck energy and it hurts when you poke at it. If it is really stuck, you will feel pain in an area even without touching it. The principle behind the Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand is that it will move energy much like an acupuncture needle through vibration  and flow stimulation.  The energy meridians lie up to half an inch below the skin surface but the doorway action of the Iyashi wand can push or pull energy to where it is needed.  The energy field around the Iyashi wand extends way beyond that and when you place the tip of it on the skin the scalar energy is stimulated to move through the wand and enters the body pushing on the energy blockage to move it. It is a gentle process that restores natural energy movement within the body with the help of a tool called Iyashi.  The difference is there are no needles, no penetration of the skin, just gentle movement that encourages the energy to restore its innate flow so comfort can be restored. 

If you use one of their charts or wanding guides you can effectively reduce your pain yourself without the use of lotions, potions, pills or needles in the comfort of your own home. You can feel better. You can move better. The Iyashi wand is here to help.

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