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Why Does BFIT Make An Iyashi Wand BetterThan Other ZPE wands?

BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the infusion process that IIT uses to add healing frequency formulas to moderate peripheral issues that happen as a result of injury, surgery or health decline.

Preventing Declining Health With An Iyashi Wand

Fear, anxiety and depression, along with other issues sometimes happen when the body has been insulted with symptoms. There is a combination of energetic and physical issues that happen. The easiest and fastest way to effect a healing is to deal with the energetic issues at the root of the problem.  Most people however, have no idea where or how to find them.

Restoring Your Health With Energetic Support From An Iyashi Wand

With an Iyashi zero point energy wand infused with BFIT it becomes easier than you think. BFIT is thousands of frequencies bundled into various formula combinations. BFIT combined with the scalar energy healing capacity of the wand acts like a tuning fork. When the wand energy field merges with the human energy field, the water in the cells of the body start to resonate and harmonize with the wand energy and the BFIT frequencies that it needs and the natural flow of energy and normal cell function begins to resume. If the energy is really stuck, it sometimes takes time to get the process happening, but once it starts healing begins. The frequencies that the body needs will naturally start to change dysfunctional cell behavior into a more natural healthy behavior.

The Iyashi Wand Has Clean Efficient Energy

It is a good idea to continue the wanding process even after you start to feel better to keep the healing process happening, particularly for the peripheral issues that have arisen. Consistency will help the body remember what is naturally healthy for it and will follow the resonance cues from the full spectrum Iyashi  zero point energy wand. This trickle feed of gentle stimulation in a clean, efficient and effective way sets the gold standard for scalar energy and zero point healing.

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