Zero Point Wand – The Amega Zero Point Wand or The Iyashi Zero Point Wand


Is the Amega wand or the Iyashi Full Spectrum Wand Better?

Of all the zero point wands on the market the Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand is the only one of its kind anywhere. It has been tested and re-engineered in Canada to meet strict exacting standards of range of use, range of influence, frequency ranges and overall performance and it is called an Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand because of the frequency ranges with which it functions. Other zero point wands that claim to be full spectrum are full spectrum in name only. When they were tested they showed strong junk nano wand  tendencies with little or no range of use, range of influence and even poor overall performance. The Iyashi research and development team was shocked that both models of the amega zero point wand were as poor performing as they were.

Amega Zero Point Wand Quality

The true evidence for the quality of the amega wand comes from the Innovative Ionizing Technologies Amega trade in program. With hundreds of amwands mailed to IIT by dissatisfied customers it is clear that their quality is not what it claims to be. We also know that other companies out there are struggling to get new customers because the word is spreading about their poorly performing products.

Amega Zero Point Wand Amized Fusion Process

 IIT has figured out what is wrong with the zero point wands being sold by other companies. They are being sold as is right from the factory. There is no testing, nothing. They don’t even know what the manufacturers are doing to the zero point wands, if they are doing anything at all. The Amega resellers are being told their wands are put through a 21 day amized  fusion process that is supposed to make their zero point wands the best in the world. With poor customer service along with a poorly performing Amega zero point wand it shows the truth.

Full Spectrum Iyashi Zero Point Wand

The Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand from IIT is stripped of junk energies that can interfere with your health, infused with their BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technologies), checked for range of use, range of influence, frequency bandwidth, and overall performance before they are repackaged ready for shipping. Every single Iyashi wand works exactly the same on the full spectrum of frequencies that the body recognizes and can benefit from. I can count the number of returns on both hands from the thousands sold. Is the Amega zero point wand or the Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand better? You decide.

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