Zero Point Wand –Regular Zero Point Wand or Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand?


Which Zero Point Wand Should I Buy?

Most zero point wands on the market are sold as is direct from the factory. The companies don’t know how to test them, don’t have the technology to do it or can’t be bothered because it is too expensive. Then ethically, they should be fixed. The result is you may get a product that works if you are lucky.

Testing Zero Point Wands? What Testing?

Testing done on these nano wands, freedom wands, Infinity wands, auric wands amwands, and other so called zero point wands shows a great inconsistency in their capacity to do what they advertise they do. The Amwand, for example is sold by an MLM company and the price is through the roof. They perform no better than the cheap $15 nano wands you can get on eBay. The freedom wand has changed its name a few times to try to get a grip on the lucrative healing market. The $15 ebay wands depend on volume to make money on a cheap fake product.

Narrow Or Wide Band Of Frequencies In Zero Point Wands

 The problem with regular zero point wands is that they operate on a very narrow band of frequencies if they have any juice at all. If you health challenge falls within the frequency that the particular wand you bought contains, you are fortunate. But as the quality of your health changes and improves, the frequencies now fall out of the range of effectiveness for you. Now your regular zero point wand no longer works. Not a good scene. If the zero point wand you purchased doesn’t appear to work at all, then your hopes are dashed and you lose faith that you can be helped to get better.

BFIT Makes A Zero Point Wand Full Spectrum

BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is an infusion package of thousands of frequencies that the Iyashi full spectrum zero point wands contains to look after the multiplicity of innate frequencies your body contains. Every cell and every organ has a natural frequency range within which it naturally resonates. When you have symptoms one or more of your natural frequencies is out of harmony and balance with the cells and tissues natural way to be. Maybe you had a fall or you saw a terrible accident, it doesn’t matter. The effect is an imbalance and depending on what it is, it may get buried deep inside you only to emerge years later and cause health issues.

The full spectrum of BFIT is like a tuning fork. The body starts resonating to the frequencies it needs from within the Iyashi wand and the healing process begins. As more and more frequencies are needed, they are accessed within the full spectrum capacity of the Iyashi wand and healing continues. Even for people in good health, the wand will stimulate repair as you get older and the repair mechanism becomes less efficient or you have hidden traumatic events, burying them deeply in your subconscious so you can’t remember their painful memories. Full spectrum is always best. It provides you many possible options, now and in the future.

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