Zero Point Wand – What Is An Iyashi Zero Point Wand?

red-moleculeWhat Is An Iyashi Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand?

Inside your body you have a lot of energy meridians  associated with organs and body parts that connect to them and help them function. Each of the organs resonates at a different frequency. The energy pipelines or meridians inside you that connect to them and influence their function also resonate at a similar frequency to the organ. For example the lung meridian and the lungs both resonate at the same frequency. The large intestine meridian resonates at the same frequency as the colon. The body is made up of a full spectrum of frequencies including all the metabolic functions of the body and brain.

Help Correct Symptoms With An Iyashi Zero Point Wand

Symptoms involving certain body parts resonate at different frequencies than other symptoms. Their restorative frequencies could also be different. Most zero point wands resonate at very narrow bands of frequencies which would be ineffective to harmonize and balance certain health conditions. The Iyashi zero point wand contains BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) thousands of frequencies and frequency formulas that act as tuning forks, pulling incoherent frequencies back into their natural state allowing for normal functioning and a disappearance of symptoms.

A Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand

The principle of full spectrum is simple enough. Provide the body the tools it needs to heal and the new cells that are grown will not display the same dysfunction that they may have been reproducing for years. You build a new stomach lining in 5 days, a new skin in 1 month, and new liver in 6 weeks, new DNA in two months and an entire skeleton in 3 months. By showing your cells a healthy vibration the new blood that you rebuild in 4 months could be much healthier than it is now and the new brain that you rebuild in a year can be much healthier too. The energetic coherency of you should be healthy and vibrant so that it can be a joy to be alive. Let the full spectrum being that you are resonate at new frequencies with the help of an Iyashi Full Spectrum zero point wand.

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