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Should I Buy An Amwand Zero Point Wand From Zero Point Global?

Amega Global is the MLM company that sells a range of zero point products including a zero point wand called the amwand. Amega made two versions of their wand, both very expensive, which is typical of MLM products but at least it gives you a couple of choices. To give you an idea of their performance, Innovative Ionizing Technologies has a very successful Amwand Trade In  Program for dysfunctional  amwands, in which a discount is given on an Iyashi zero point wand when you mail in your amwand to them.

Zero Point Wand Comparison

IIT tests every Amwand that is mailed to them and the results are certainly consistent. Most of the amega zero point wands contain weak incoherent frequencies, some have nothing at all and a few perform OK but nothing fantastic. Some Amega  users report their amwands perform great so they are the lucky ones. The rest are not so lucky. IIT sees a lot of dissatisfied Amega Global zero point wand customers who are finding the Iyashi  zero point wand which is full spectrum, from IIT works much better over a wider range of conditions than the amwand zero point wand .

You may have heard of the junk zero point wands called nano wands or nano wand pens that are sold on eBay for $15 that really don’t work consistently or well. Curiously enough, the nano wand and the amwand are very similar in their performance and capabilities. They both contain incoherent energies; some of them don’t work; and the frequencies, if there are any, vary from wand to wand within the brand. Zero point Global claims to use a process called Amized Fusion on their wands to make them special. There is no evidence to show they are actually using something as demonstrated by their similarity to the fake nano wands.

A Better Zero Point Wand

All in all, the zero point global amwand doesn’t look like a consistently effective zero point wand worth purchasing. The price is really high for nano wand performance and there is a good likelihood you will get one you are not satisfied with. If you want health restoration without the lotions, potions and pills, try the Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion process. It is clean, effective, efficient  and works over a huge range of frequencies to last you a lifetime.

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