Zero Point Wand –Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand


Why a Full Spectrum Zero Point Wand Is Best

The framework for the Universe and everything in it is the zero point energy field. The energy changes to make everything look different but the root of it all is the zero point energy.  The zero point field contains scalar energy which is unlike the moving qualities of energy as we know it. Scalar energy is still. It doesn’t move until it is stimulated with something like a good quality zero point wand like the Iyashi full spectrum zero point wand. In healing we want a small trickle feed of the scalar energy to convert healing frequencies into the actual act of healing. The zero point wand must have that capacity first and foremost. It’s not just good enough to call something a zero point wand if it doesn’t really work.

Using A Zero Point Wand For Longstanding Issues

Usually when symptoms appear, the underlying issues have been percolating for a long time. For example, you don’t often become diabetic overnight. Particularly in type II diabetes, it takes years for underlying issues to become diabetes. Part of those issues can be your food choices and your choice not to get adequate exercise. There are energies underlying those choices that affect you on an invisible level. Maybe you have a poor self image or you feel you don’t deserve the sweetness of life.  You need help with these issues because you have buried them so deeply inside yourself that you don’t remember or recognize them.

Iyashi Zero Point Wand BFIT

BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the energy package that IIT infuses into the Iyashi zero point wand that helps with all of these issues. It contains thousands of frequencies combined into frequency formulas that the body can choose from. These frequency packages gently dissolve blockages and blobs of dark energy that are stuck in your energy field. The rest of the frequency bundles in the Iyashi zero point wand lie dormant until the body needs to use them.

BFIT acts like a tuning fork, causing the blockage to begin resonating at a more appropriate frequency so it is no longer what it was. The frequency is now different and the body responds by healing those issues. BFIT is like an orchestra conductor getting everything to play in tune in unison. Your body now begins to resonate in a more coherent, healthy set of frequencies resulting in a healthier happier you when you use the full spectrum zero point wand.

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