Zero Point Wand – Iyashi Zero Point Wand For Staying Healthy


I Am In Good Health. How Can An Iyashi Zero Point Wand Help Me?

An Iyashi wand is a really good option for anyone. One can only guess by what happens to one’s health by looking at one’s parents, how one’s senior years will look health-wise. In a lot of instances the mind is good, but the body has health problems. In others, the mind goes but the body is in good shape. There are a multiplicity of factors that affect health including traumatic events, witnessing traumatic events, disappointments, interactive frictions between people, impacts of living and working spaces, diet, amount of activity and exercise, fears, anxieties, injuries, surgeries, culture, beliefs, genetics and so on.  If you are diligent about looking after all of these things you may have your health and your mind too. The challenge is a lot of these factors can root energetically in the energy field where they build and lay there invisibly until there is enough of it to manifest as symptoms.

The Iyashi Zero Point Wand Is Like An Intuitive Healer

Energetic residues are best dealt with using energy. All of the energetic imprints in your energy field are invisible to the naked eye but if you are really sensitive you may feel the ones that you have not buried so deeply because of their painful nature. But how do you get rid of them? A very skilled intuitive healer with a very particular skill set can do it, but they are rare. The answer lies in the Iyashi zero point wand. It is even more than the expert intuitive healer.

Full Spectrum  Zero Point Wand Assistance

The Iyashi zero point wand is a full spectrum wand which means that it has the capacity to resonate and bring into harmony and balance thousands of energy signatures lying latent in your energy field. Being healthy just means that aspects of you are resonating within the frequency ranges that support your level of health at the moment. As long as those frequencies remain within the appropriate ranges, your health will remain constant. A good example is my mother. She was healthy and happy until my brother was killed in a freak accident. Within a year, she started to slip into dementia and develop  breast cancer. The trauma took her health and trashed it. If we had known about the Iyashi wand then, we could have used its full spectrum capacity to change the energy of the trauma so there was less emotional damage from the shock and grief.

Iyashi Zero Point Wand BFIT Acts Like A Tuning Fork

The full spectrum BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) acts like a tuning fork causing disharmonic  energy to change its resonant frequency so that it become something different and more beneficial to the body. Once the frequencies change, the qualities of it change so it is no longer harmful. Maintaining your good health by changing energies that could potentially harm you in the future is a good insurance policy to have. By adding a wanding session with a full spectrum Iyashi wand into your daily routine at the end of each day makes good sense. It takes care of the day’s trials whether we see them as such or not. And the Iyashi zero point wand can help you do it.

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