Zero Point Field Healing – How To Heal Yourself With Zero Point Field Healing

bfit-energyHow Is Healing Myself With Zero Point Field Healing Possible?

Normally, your body knows how to heal itself. If you cut yourself, repair happens automatically. Everyone knows this. We also know that sometimes something doesn’t heal and we have pain or we can’t eat certain foods without paying for it with uncomfortable symptoms. If the body knows how to fix itself how does this happen? It all has to do with energy and how its flow can be restricted or blocked. You can fix this yourself quite easily using zero point field healing with a good quality zero point field healing wand like the Iyashi full spectrum zero point field healing wand that is perfect for self-healing.

Zero Point Field Healing Can Restore Energy Flow

Zero point field healing is restoring the innate flow and energy patterns that the body recognizes as healthy. Let us imagine that someone has an accident and breaks their leg. The doctor fixes the leg but whenever the weather changes, the leg aches and is difficult to walk on. This can go on for a lifetime if the energetic framework and the accompanying energy flow are not repaired. Some alternative medicine practitioners are energy aware enough that they may be able to help restore healthy energy. But what if you don’t trust that the money you will pay for this is worth it or you can’t afford to have multiple treatments necessary to make it work. You may be worried that it might not work, then you have wasted your money. The alternative is to do it yourself. It really is easy. All you need is patience and a good quality zero point field healing wand like the Iyashi Wand.

A Good Quality Zero Point Field Healing Wand

A good quality zero point field healing wand works with the zero point framework which your physical nature is built upon and the natural healthy frequencies a healthy leg requires to function properly . BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infused into the Iyashi wand is the library of frequencies and frequency formulas that can remind cells of their innate resonance and flow. Perhaps when the leg was broken, the zero point framework was also damaged. The breakage  also damaged the normal functioning of the cells and tissues at and around the break. This can also cause a disruption in the energy flow that normally occurs. The resulting stagnation is like the analogy of the flying elephant. There is so much debris that collects in the form of toxins, damaged cell contents and metabolic byproducts that may be difficult to recover from, particularly the energetic interruption.

Simple Zero Point Field Healing

By holding an Iyashi zero point field healing wand in your hand and moving it on and above the cast or the skin, it reminds the body to straighten the damaged framework and to restore the normal energy flow in the correct frequency. Certain movement patterns have different effects than others but the ultimate goal is to restore the leg to its normal healthy self by doing it yourself.  It does take time, but with patience and consistency, it can be done, and all by yourself as you see new improvements each and every day.

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