Zero Point Field Healing – What Is Zero Point Field Healing?

DSC01008How Can I Do Zero Point Field Healing Myself?

Zero Point Healing is using a fine scientific instrument like the Iyashi full spectrum zero point field healing wand to unlock and trickle feed scalar energy from the zero point field into the human energy field to open restrictions in the body’s energy meridians and dissolve blockages that create symptoms.  You don’t have to be a healer to be able to do this. By moving the Iyashi wand in certain movement patterns, blockages can dissolve and normal cell function and energy flow can be restored.

Zero Point Field Healing Is Vibrational Healing

Everything vibrates at a unique frequency including all the cell groups that form organs and body parts within you. Each frequency is necessary for health and vitality of that cell group and the body as a whole. When there is a deviation in that specific frequency for any reason, symptoms can occur and a physical manifestation appears because of the energetic change in the cells, organ or body parts.

Zero Point Field Healing Is Natural Healing

You are intimately connected to the zero point field. It is the framework on which your physical nature is constructed and depends. Science has shown if you have physical difficulties including pain, there is an energetic challenge that needs to be addressed. Zero point energy healing allows you to become your own healer and not rely on healers with specific expertise like reiki or crystal healing, for example. You can use a zero point healing wand in the comfort of your own home to help restore your energetic nature to its natural flow and function. This can reduce symptoms to the point where they are no longer bothersome and may not appear again.

Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing

Fine scientific instruments like the Iyashi zero point healing wand have a zero point energy healing component married to a huge energy frequency package infused into the wand with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology to make it unique in the zero point energy wand world. There is not another product like it for effectiveness with a clean efficient energy. The Iyashi wand people also have a large educational website called Iyashi Source where you can read all about zero point field healing. Check it out and if you have any questions, phone and email them and they will be glad to help you.

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