Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand’s Amized Fusion versus BFIT


Is Amized Fusion or BFIT Better In A Zero Point Energy Wand?

First of all amized fusion is the 21 day infusion process that MLM Amega Global reportedly uses in their zero point energy products. Field testing has shown very poor quality control and consistency in their products. In their initial and subsequent models of their amwand the frequency range, strength, range of use, range of influence and overall performance in their wands were divided into eight different categories with very few in the good performance category ranging all the way down to lots in the totally dud category. It was shocking how narrow a range they all operated in as well as the large number of wands with literally nothing in them. It seems like Amega Global was selling as is direct from the factory.

The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand BFIT Is Full Spectrum

BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is the infusion process used by Innovative Ionizing Technologies to re-engineer the zero point energy wands that they buy overseas from one of the half dozen manufacturers worldwide. The energy products including the Iyashi wand, are measured and stripped of any junk energies in preparation for the BFIT infusion. This process takes much less than a day. After the infusion process, each Iyashi wand is individually tested to make sure that it contains the range of frequencies it is supposed to. It is tested for frequencies, range of influence, range of use and overall performance.

Consistent Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand Functioning

Each Iyashi zero point energy wand performs like every other Iyashi zero point energy wand with a clear, diverse, clean, effective energy that addresses many different health issues in ways that eamega cannot begin to compete with. Healers that have used the Iyashi wand  after using an amwand report that the Iyashi wand has a wider application with no fuzziness (which is an accumulation of junk energy in the energy field of the amwand). The answer is clear.

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