Zero Point Energy Wand – Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Scam


Is The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand A Scam?

MLM companies as a general rule go through a rough period. It seems like they either ride through it or they close. Amega Global has had their scandals and the rumor mill has been rife with gossip about what has gone wrong. Not only has there been problems with their company and how they treat their downline there have been problems with their flagship product the Amega Wand.

Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Poor Quality Control

The Amega wand has been fraught with inconsistencies and poor quality control from the beginning. The idea was to push the sales of the Amega wand at the expense of customer satisfaction. It didn’t seem to matter that people spent the last money they had for a miracle product that was supposed to improve their health situation. Some were lucky enough to get an amwand with the frequencies they needed  to help their pain or other issues. A very high number were not.

Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Complaint Central

As they battled with the company politics they passed refund issues to their distributors who couldn’t afford to give people their money back. Besides, there was no one answering the company phone or you were put on hold. One man was so mad, he stayed on hold for five hours and still no one answered his call. There are hundreds of other complaints trying to deal with Amega Global and their distributors.

Amega’s Zero Point Energy Wand Poorly Functioning Amwand

With a poorly functioning zero point energy amwand everything pointed to a scam. Distributors defended the product, saying there was nothing wrong with it, not knowing that it was a company-wide problem. IIT initially repaired amwands, then stopped enabling the problem with Amega Global by offering an Amega trade in program, giving eamega customers a discount on a full spectrum Iyashi  zero point energy Wand when they mailed in their Amega Wand.

Is the Amega wand a scam? Here is the evidence, you decide.

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