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Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Anxiety

Using a Zero Point Energy Wand To Help Balance The Energy Of Anxiety As alarming as anxiety is there is an energetic component to it that causes the mind to race and the body to react. This energy streaming will never be removed or reduced with pills. The pills will numb the body and mind […]

Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Anxiety

Can Zero Point Field Healing Help My Anxiety? Anxiety is one of the most pervasive and concerning conditions anyone can have. Fortunately, zero point field healing using an Iyashi wand can be a great help. Because anxiety is a combination of physical, emotional and mental symptoms energy healing is a great way to feel better. […]

Zero Point Energy Wand – Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand and Pain

Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand and Pain The alarming statistic that pain affects more people that cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined is quite disturbing. Those with pain certainly wish they were not part of this statistic. The other figure that shows how pervasive pain is, is that two-thirds of people have had their pain […]