Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Anxiety

wire-electricityCan Zero Point Field Healing Help My Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most pervasive and concerning conditions anyone can have. Fortunately, zero point field healing using an Iyashi wand can be a great help. Because anxiety is a combination of physical, emotional and mental symptoms energy healing is a great way to feel better. The best part is you can do it yourself.

Zero Point Field Healing Can Help Anxiety

The Iyashi wand is a zero point field healing tool containing BFIT, (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology), which is thousands of frequencies and frequency formulas that the body uses every day to regulate its healthy function. Stored in the Iyashi wand, they are available like ingredients in a recipe. The wand stimulates the zero point field which initiates a trickle feed of scalar energy that pushes discordant energies dissolving them as the energy moves. Combined with this energetic movement the frequencies that the body has activated in the Iyashi wand are released to repair and improve the wellness capabilities of the body. Factors contributing to the feelings of anxiety are also repaired, peeling layers away.

Zero Point Field Healing Wanding Technique

Some people experience constant anxiety which almost cripples them from enjoying what life has to offer. This type of anxiety is chronic and usually has an energetic root, deep into childhood. People with this type of anxiety often need medication to be able to function. It would be so much better if the solution could come from energy without the side effects of medication. If you take your Iyashi wand and wand your chest with slow clockwise circles, you can feel your body calm and your mind ease. You can also wand your forehead with slow clockwise circles to feel the same effect.

Anxiety Improvement With Zero Point Field Healing

Whatever you do, do not stop your medication without consulting your medical health professional.  As you become more stable, you may be able to reduce your medication under their guidance. Keep wanding yourself as many times as you can. If you clip the Iyashi wand to your pocket, it will be available for whenever you need it. It can be your friend in reducing your anxiety and its only zero point field healing energy.

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