Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Anxiety

wire-electricityUsing a Zero Point Energy Wand To Help Balance The Energy Of Anxiety

As alarming as anxiety is there is an energetic component to it that causes the mind to race and the body to react. This energy streaming will never be removed or reduced with pills. The pills will numb the body and mind to the effects of what is going on. It is a relief not to feel the fear and the terror, but it will remain in the background until it is pushed out of the energy field. One way to push energy out of the energy field is with energy. The Iyashi zero point energy wand is a simple, easy to use, effective tool to move and transform energy in your energy field that you cannot see. In addition it has a BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) frequency package that is like a recipe book full of energetic recipes that the body loves and uses in its healthy function.  The Iyashi energy wand with its BFIT acts as a bridge between the physical/ body realms and the spiritual/soul realms. It is an energetic catalyst to mind/body well being.

Using A Zero Point Energy Wand When You Are Anxious

You did not get anxiety because of a lack of some sort of medication. You got anxiety because of an event that caused you great emotional concern. Chances are you buried it deep in your psyche because it was far too painful to deal with. That emotional challenge is sitting like a lump in your energy field wreaking havoc with your peace and contentment, creating all kinds of uncomfortable physical symptoms that only add to your anxiety. You cannot correct imbalance by putting more weight on the wrong side of the scale. You need to put the right weight on the right side to correct the imbalance and prevent further illness and disease.

How To Use A Zero Point Energy Wand To Correct Imbalances That Cause Anxiety

Your chakras are your energetic doorways to your energy field and some chakras are better at dealing with anxiety than others. By encouraging clean healing energies to enter your chakras the frequencies will move through your energy field seeking out the blockages, gently pushing them , breaking them up. The Iyashi wand with its full spectrum BFIT is the energetic bulldozer that gets energy moving. To begin hold the Iyashi zero point energy wand so that the tip of the zero point energy wand is pointed at your skin. Put the tip of the Iyashi energy wand between your eyebrows and use the rolling technique there. Do it for about two minutes. You should start to notice a quiet calm and your thoughts should slow down or stop.

Next tap the Iyashi zero point energy wand on the center of your chest for about 30 taps, then use about 30 or more clockwise circles there. You should notice a change in your breathing and you feel more calm.

If you place your middle finger on the knuckle where your first finger meets your hand and lay your first finger beside it, place the Iyashi zero point energy wand under where the pad of your first finger rests on your skin, you can do the rolling technique there for 30 or more repetitions. Then switch hands. Some of these techniques are explained in the Iyashi wanding guide.

The final place to push clean healing energy into the body is on the bottoms of the feet in a groove in the middle of the foot, just below the ball of the foot. You can feel it with a finger. Insert the Iyashi zero point energy wand there and do the rolling technique for about two minutes then switch feet.

Maintaining Your Calm With A Zero Point Energy Wand

Using the Iyashi healing wand repeatedly can be  the key to looking after the anxiety and all the peripheral issues associated with it. Sometimes it takes time to just get the energy moving. Then to keep it moving and healing, the body needs little nudges to move beyond the anxiety into a calmer and more positive state. Be gentle with yourself. Wounds take time to heal and emotional wounds are no different. As the qualities of the stuck energies change, the BFIT in the Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand is there to gently support you and your body as you heal.

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