Zero Point Wand – Omega Zero Point Wand or Amega Zero Point Wand


Is the  Omega Zero Point Wand Really the Best?

It is Amega wand or amwand and those who sell it will tell you it is the best because they are selling it for a living. The important thing about selling is they need to be able to back up their claims that their amwand is the best but the evidence speaks for itself. Although they have sold thousands of amwands there are quite a high number of very unhappy and dissatisfied customers of Amega Global or Omega Wand, if you prefer.

Amega Zero Point Wand Trade In Program

Innovative Ionizing Technologies has prided itself in its ability to educate the public about zero point energy and the health benefits of zero point wands. The curious thing is they started to get hundreds of phone calls and emails mainly from Amega wand purchasers wanting to know if theycould fix their amwand because it didn’t seem to work like the Iyashi educational material suggested it should. Through their trade in program, IIT has received a shocking number of dud Amega wands that don’t work. Those returnees have become satisfied Iyashi wand customers simply because the Iyashi  zero point wand works cleanly, efficiently and effectively over a wide range of frequencies and health conditions.

The success of the Amega trade-in  program doesn’t bode very well with people trying to decide which zero point wand to buy. From the evidence, it doesn’t look like the Amega wand or Omega wand is the one to buy.

Ethical Zero Point Wand Business

If you really like the MLM model and the thought of owning your own business, it really doesn’t matter if the product works or not. You just sell as many as you can and collect your commission. Iyashi will look after your dissatisfied customers. But if you really care about the ethical nature of the business you will buy from a company that will give you what they promise – a zero point wand that works for a wide variety of symptoms to improve your health and happiness. If this is the case, then the Amega zero point wand is not the one to buy. You would be much better with a full spectrum Iyashi zero point wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion package of thousands of beneficial frequencies your body will love.

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