Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Your Foggy Head

smooth-skinHow Do I Use Zero Point Field Healing To Get Rid of My Foggy Head?

Thinking, like sleep requires the brains ability to shift gears into frequencies that facilitate certain types of brain functions. When you lose the right frequency such as when the brain slips below 12 hz, your alertness slips and circulation and breathing slows. You feel like your brain is in a fog. It can be frustrating when you want to quick connect and get things done. The innate energy that flows around your head is clogged with heavier frequencies so everything slows down. You can stimulate the flow of energy around your head, using zero point field healing energy as the push. The Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) and its thousands of frequency formulas  can shift the brain frequency so that you can skip into bright wakeful brain function and raise those brain waves above the 12 hz range so there is more going on than just your open eyes.

Zero Point Field Healing Uses Your Innate Energy Flow

By knowing that the energy flows naturally up your back, over the top of your head, then down the front of your body, will help you understand where there may possibly be a block or restriction in your energy. Typically, a lot of energy blockages occur between the base of the neck and the base of the skull. Energy also tends to block on the bump in the skull just behind each ear. These are two of the places you can use your rather vigorous energy pattern techniques with your Iyashi full spectrum wand. Move the Iyashi wand fairly quickly using the wanding guide for reference as to the different techniques.

Zero Point Field Healing And Brain Function

Since the brain functions on the fuel it has, how hydrated it is and the frequencies around it that could be muffling its ability, it is important to look after all of it. Because you can control your food intake and hydration, the invisible energetic component of well being can often be forgotten. The frontal lobes are where decisions and critical thinking is managed and when you feel vacant and like there is a bit of pressure in your forehead, it is a strong indication that the energy there is slower and heavier than it should be for alert processing speed. Strong in and out movements with your Iyashi wand will help break up the energetic congestion that is making you feel dull.

The Best Zero Point Energy Wand For Zero Point Field Healing

By clipping the Iyashi wand to your clothing, you have access to a faster brain, simply by wearing it. It will balance and harmonize your energy field but it is always nice to wand a sluggish knee or brain when the need arises. Zero Point Field Healing is a safe, convenient and fast way to clear your foggy head.

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