Zero Point Field Healing – ZPE Wand Zero Point Field Healing Testimonial

pills-wandMy Zero Point Field Healing  ZPE Wand Experience

I’m getting on in years so when I saw the info on the zpe wand I was a little skeptical but almost excited at the same time. The pills I take upset my stomach and I dread taking them so I bought a zpe wand  not expecting much. I spent a week researching everything I could find. The best information was on the Iyashi website. I spent hours there reading. I was quite nervous about buying something really cheap so I finally opted for an Iyashi wand. They stand by their products and the way they explained how it worked was reassuring.

I was excited when it arrived although I didn’t want to get my hopes up. The first night, I just put it under my pillow. When I woke up I felt better than I have for many a morning. I realized by neck didn’t hurt. After a couple of nights of this, I could turn my neck farther and it wasn’t as stiff and sore.

Then I did some circles on my knee. I can’t kneel down or I can’t get up. After a couple of days of that I could bend my knee farther without it hurting or feel like it is going to blow up. After a couple more days I dropped my glasses under my desk and I was shocked that I could kneel down to crawl under the desk. It took a bit of getting up but I did it. I don’t think I’ve done that for ten years. I like this zpe wand from Iyashi. I’m beginning to feel like I did years ago. It’s a nice feeling.

Frank S.


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