Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Fatigue

running-sunZero Point Field Healing Moves Energy That Drags You Down

Do you ever feel like you can barely drag yourself around or stay awake? It is an interruption in your energy flow that causes it. No matter what you do to try to perk yourself up like coffee, sugar, carbs, nothing seems to work and you feel worse afterwards. Because it has an energetic cause, nothing physical is going to help. Sometimes you feel no different after a nap, all because of energy. An energetic solution that may be helpful to you is zero point field healing with an Iyashi wand. The Iyashi wand is a full spectrum energy wand that accesses the zero point field potential  in combination with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ) containing thousands of natural innate optimal body function frequencies. Using the Iyashi zero point field healing wand you can stimulate certain points on the body to get the energy moving so your fatigue lifts.

Zero Point Field Healing Helps Move Stagnant Energy

When the Iyashi wand is moved, it becomes like a key in a lock on the zero point field. There is a mechanism whereby the wand trickle feeds scalar energy from the zero point field into the human energy system, pushing at incoherencies in the field smoothing them out and changing the energy to have more positive qualities. Since fatigue is mostly energetic in nature there are a number of factors that can be responsible in initiating the conditions that cause it. The BFIT component of the Iyashi wand looks after those peripheral issues.

Zero Point Field Healing Technique

There are two strong places on the body that can positively affect fatigue. One is on the front of the legs and the other is under the left armpit. To find them you need to feel around in the proximity. Let your left arm rest by your side with your arm straight and pointing towards the floor. With your right hand feel around about a hands width below your arm pit for a sore spot near where the front of your arm is resting at your side. When you poke at it, it will be very noticeably sore. With either hand place the rounded tip of the Iyashi zero point field healing wand on the sore spot and roll the wand between your thumb and your first finger. It may seem a bit awkward but as long as the wand is moving and stimulating that spot you’re good to go. The right side is something else so don’t do the other side.

Another Zero Point Field Healing Technique

The second place to initiate the zero point field healing with your Iyashi wand is on the front of your legs below the knees. About a hands width below your knee on the inside of the shin bone, you will feel another sore spot. Put the tip of the Iyashi wand there and roll it back and forth between your thumb and first finger, then do the other leg. If you clip the Iyashi zero point field healing wand to your pocket it will be available any time you feel fatigued. Once you become familiar with the spots that will improve your fatigue it will be a piece of cake using your Iyashi wand there in the future. To bad that mars bar may have to sit on the shelf for a while.

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