Zero Point Energy Wand – Infinity Wand Zero Point Energy Wand Healing

foot-xrayHealth practitioners and healers have known for thousands of years that healthy free flowing energy is the secret to vibrant health and longevity. Zero point energy wands are a modern take on this old premise. The difference is that you really are your own healer, you always have been but incoherent energies have clouded your memory of how to do it. Now this tool that anyone can use to help free themselves of symptoms caused by discordant energies is available for anyone to use. Good quality zero point energy wands that are consistent in their function and have a wider range of use are the best ones to buy and use.

Is The Infinity Wand A Good Quality Zero Point Energy Wand?

The Auric Infinity Wand like most of the other zero point energy wands on the market have some intrinsic problems that are not addressed, even during an infusion process. The company seems more intent on bashing the competition than it is in producing a zero point energy wand with a wide range of uses with good quality control. Not all Infinity wands work the same, some work better than others. It seems to be about as consistent as all the nano type wands on the market. At least their 45 day return policy gives you the opportunity to return any duds and hope you get one that functions well in exchange.

How Is A Good Quality Zero Point Energy Wand Supposed To Work?

A good quality zero point energy wand should restore, maintain and improve the quality and function of the body’s longitudinal wave structure in addition to repairing incoherencies in the energy field that prevent healthy functioning and behaviors. Emotional challenges can negatively impact the energy field and create lumps of discordant energy that block normal flow. Anyone should be able to use it to create a positive change in symptoms and discomfort in themselves and others. You may not feel energy from the wand, but you will notice a symptomatic change sometime after one or more wandings. Really stuck energy may take a little longer but the energy breakup should be started.

One of the most consistent products on the market is the full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand. Every Iyashi wand seems to work like every other Iyashi wand and their BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion process seems to function well for peripheral issues. If the Infinity wand was more consistent in is quality control, it could perhaps be a product to recommend, but unfortunately it looks like the Iyashi wand has set the benchmark for quality and performance to which the Infinity wand  doesn’t seem to measure up.

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