Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Mental Fog

still-energy-zero-pointThere are actually quite a few things that can cause mental fog but all of them may just be part of a chain that starts as an energetic issue that causes a physical organ slowdown which causes mental fog. Regardless of the cause, mental fog cuts the motivation and the productivity to the point where you can barely function. At best you just want to lie down and be left alone. Some brain fog is temporary and may last a few hours but some brain fog seems to go on for days and months. Getting the stuck energy moving again helps the brain function again as the energy flow normalizes, Using an energy tool like an Iyashi zero point energy wand is a convenient and effective way to get rid of brain fog.

How Can A Zero Point Energy Wand Help My Slow Energy?

We all have an effective speed that energy travels through our meridian system. Normally, it keeps us motivated, inspired, happy and healthy. Outside influences like stress, overwhelm, overwork, illness, infection, diet, EMF radiation, hormone imbalances, emotional shock, natural disasters and so on, knock us out of balance which throws us into survival mode. Survival mode starts streaming cortisol through our bodies which is the classic fight or flight response. If we are constantly in this stress response it is like we are running for miles and miles being chased by something that wants us for dinner. Our bodies and minds become exhausted and find it very difficult to function because our energy is depleted and neither food nor coffee helps. Your mind runs your body functions so it is important to clear the energy affecting your mind and getting a healthy flow going again.

How Can A Zero Point Energy Wand Help My Brain Fog?

A good quality zero point energy wand like the full spectrum Iyashi wand helps to move energy, change its frequency and introduce new healthy frequencies that the body loves and uses. The Iyashi wand is full spectrum because it contains BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology), thousands of frequencies that interacts with the pure potential of the scalar energy in the zero point energy field. A good quality zero point energy wand acts like a gateway to the latent scalar energy in the zero point field causing a trickle feed of clean, effective, efficient energy to enter the human energy field and to gently push blockages, clear junk energies and debris, repair damage and restore normal meridian function and flow. When this happens brain fog just lifts because the energetic causative agent is now gone.

How Can I Use A Zero Point Energy Wand To Clear My Brain Fog?

Energy enters the head from many different entrance points, generally moving up into the head from the sides and the back, then flows down the front of the face and the body. Wherever you can reach is a good place to move energy using any of the following techniques repeating them at least 30 times. Use the side brushing technique from the base of the neck, up over the top of your head and down to the tip of your nose. Use the cross hatching technique right on the skin on the bumps on either side of the skull behind your ears. Use the tapping technique or rolling technique on the center of the top of your head. Use the side brushing or directional dipping techniques from the base of the side of the neck up to the middle of the upper lip. Use the dotting technique on the temples and the forehead in an area about the size of a small orange. When doing these techniques be sure to do both sides of the head when you are not working in the middle. What you are effectively doing is working with the eight of so meridians that influence the head from a corresponding organ, sweeping away any energetic debris, getting energy moving and refreshing the energy in your entire energy system. If you do not get relief using this method, use the rolling technique all over the bottoms of each of your feet. All of your body parts are energetically represented there. There is a on the Iyashi Source website.

Doing general maintenance on your energy system is a really good idea to continually, renew and refresh any areas that may have god stuck usually due to emotional issues. Use your Iyashi full spectrum wand every day here and there to give yourself a little energy pick me up. Even if you can’t feel anything happening, be assured that it is. Let the Iyashi and its full spectrum technology helps you be free of brain fog and continue to be healthy and happy.

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