Zero Point Energy Wand – Amwand Zero Point Energy Wand Healing

sunny-dayThere are a lot of critics out there that say that zero point field healing is a scam, but that does not account for the thousands of people who are now symptom-free from what may have been bothersome for years. Zero point field healing is a new take on an old premise put forward in 1937 by Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who stated “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” For thousands of years, medical practitioners and healers have used scalar energy to heal others. They didn’t call it that back then but today we know that it is the ability to tap into the zero point energy field and trickle feed the pure potential of scalar energy into the human energy field . Now anyone can do it with a good quality zero point energy wand that is simple and easy to use.

Is The Amwand A Good Quality Zero Point Energy Wand?

This answer is that some of them are. The Amwand has two different models, an expensive one and a more expensive black tip one. The am wand people report they use a 21 day amized fusion process to infuse their wands. The challenge in the marketplace is that some of both models work and some don’t. The ability of their zero point energy wand to do what they say it will do is inconsistent. If you are lucky enough to get one that works, you are fortunate indeed, because there is literally no one to help you if you have a dysfunctional product. There is a company phone number but there is no one there to answer it or you are put on indefinite hold. Customer service is zero. So not only do you have a lemon there is no way to get a refund other than to do it through your credit card company and that takes months.

How Is A Good Quality Zero Point Energy Wand Supposed To Work?

A good quality zero point energy wand should be simple, easy and effective to use on a wide number of symptoms. Anyone should be able to pick it up and effect a positive change to discomfort and symptoms. Zero point energy wands like the full spectrum Iyashi wand not only trickle feed scalar energy from the zero point field, they also contain a BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion frequency package containing thousands of frequencies that can help the body look after peripheral conditions to the symptom.

A Zero Point Energy Wand With Scalar Energy

 For example, neuropathy is a tingling, burning numbing condition usually experienced in the legs but the arms and hands can be affected in some people. Neuropathy affects the nerves, circulation, muscle fiber function, cell metabolism, waste removal and a whole lot of other peripheral issues. Yes, the scalar energy addresses all these issues but certain specific frequencies can have a more rapid effect on symptom decrease. The amwand doesn’t do this, even if it does work. The Iyashi zero point energy wand and its BFIT can work much better than the amwand with its amized fusion. There is literally no comparison. If you want to support the MLM model with its inconsistent products that is your choice, but for my money I would rather spend it on an Iyashi full spectrum wand from Iyashi Source.

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