Amwand -Amwand vs Nano Wand


How Does Amized Fusion Make The Amwand Better Than The Nano Wand?

Amized Fusion is the process that Amega Global claims to use to enhance the Amega amwand and perhaps its other energy products. It is supposed to be a 21 day infusion process that is designed to make the Amega the best zero point energy wand in the world.

The Over Priced Amwand

Unfortunately, testing done by an independent expert shows that there is very little difference in consistency and performance between the amwand and a $15 nano wand. Both the nano wand and the amwand had wands with no  or very little energy output. Both had wands with weak output and both had a few wands with a stronger output. It was like the amwand was a dressed up nano wand with a big-time price.

Does The Amwand Amized Fusion Work?

If in fact Amized Fusion really does exist and they are using it on their products, it appears to be a highly ineffective and inefficient process that mimics the performance of fake and scammy zero point energy wands. Every amwand that was sent to IIT on the Amega trade in  program was tested to see what was wrong with it. IIT wanted to learn how to make the best product by studying competitors.

A Great Amwand Alternative That Works

If you want to feel real zero point energy and see real results, try an Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand with a real infusion process called BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology). Every Iyashi wand is infused with this technology and tested to make sure that it meets the IIT high standards for range of use, range of influence, frequency ranges, and overall performance.  The Iyashi Source website is full of educational material and they show you how to use the Iyashi wand to get the most benefit for your individual needs. You won’t find  a finer scientific instrument anywhere that does exactly what it is supposed to do – help you improve your health.

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