Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing And Your Herd Animals

blue-energy-wavesHerd Animals Benefit From Zero Point Field Healing

Herd animals like cows, sheep, horses, chickens and turkeys form energetic frameworks called matrixes. These matrixes are energetic lines of flow that interconnect each animal. You can see this in wild starling flocks where the birds can all fly in unison, swooping and turning as if they are one. Herd animals are connected to each other in this way but noticing it is more subtle. Using zero point field healing with an Iyashi wand will positively affect each of the animals in the herd even if you only wand one of the animals. Animals love zero point field healing. They will become more content and if they are a production animal, cows may give more milk or finish sooner, chickens may lay more eggs or finish sooner, turkeys may finish sooner.

Increase Profits From Your Herd Animals With Zero Point Field Healing

Experiments have been done to improve the energy condition of herd animals using zero point field healing with increased profits as the result. Food is the single most expensive aspect of animal production  and if you can mature your animals faster using energy, you save money on their food and possibly their medication which translates into your bottom line. Using an Iyashi zero point field healing wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) containing thousands of beneficial healthy frequencies strengthens the herd matrix, the energetic flow of each animal, all of which improves the health and the productive capacity of individual animals in the herd.

Zero Point Field Healing Is Fast And Effective

Zero point field healing only takes a few minutes to do and won’t take away from your busy schedule. Just clip the Iyashi wand to your pocket so when you are out and about the barn, you have it handy. You can also use it on yourself and you will benefit from the zero point field energy just by clipping it to your pocket. You may notice a greater sense of energy and vitality while wearing it and if you have any pain, just move the Iyashi wand over the painful area for 30 seconds or so whenever you think of it and you may be able to get around more comfortably.

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