Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing And Your Dog

MISHA 002My Dog Is Old And Stiff. Will Zero Point Feld Healing Help My Dog?

Zero Point Field Healing is done with a zero point field healing wand like the full spectrum Iyashi zero point field healing wand. It looks like a pen but it is a powerful energy transference device that brings clean healing energy to where it is needed. Dogs love the energy from the Iyashi wand and will relax and be quite content as they are being wanded. Older dogs usually have back end problems with back, hips and legs. They get stiff, painful and weak. Just like us it gets uncomfortable and painful to get up and walk, never mind run.

Zero Point Field Healing Technique For Dogs

Using slow movements with the Iyashi wand is best for older dogs. Slow movements calm the dog and break up congestion  and inflammation . Clockwise circular motions, zig zag motions back and forth or cross hatching motions like you are going to play tic tac toe can all make the dog more comfortable.

Zero Point Field Healing Effectiveness For Dogs

Zero  point field healing  is a gentle process to break up stagnant energy that collects where there is inflammation . The area becomes congested as swelling constricts blood flow and the release of toxins and metabolic byproducts. As stagnation continues and inflamed tissues rub against each other, the urge to move around much diminishes. By regular use of an Iyashi zero point field healing wand on your dog, you not only decrease the inflammation pain cycle you also introduce thousands of healing frequencies infused into the Iyashi wand through their BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to remind those tired old cells how to be younger healthier cells, with less pain and more comfortable mobility.

You Become A Healer For Your Dog With Zero Point Field Healing

Amazingly enough, most dogs will recognize what you are doing, even if you don’t call yourself a healer. The Iyashi zero point field healing wand will make you a good one and your dog will really appreciate your efforts to make her more comfortable. The Iyashi wand works so well on our doggy buddies and it makes us feel better that we can help our dogs live longer happier lives. The Iyashi wand will work for you too. It’s really OK to share. Your dog won’t mind at all.

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