The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand or The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand


How To Tell A Good Zero Point Energy Wand

If you really liked flowers, would you like someone to give you a flower or a whole garden full of flowers you could enjoy year after year? Of course, the obvious answer would be the garden of flowers. The Amega zero point energy wand is like the single flower analogy while the Iyashi zero point energy wand is like the garden full of flowers.  There is a huge difference between all of the qualities of a good zero point energy wand like the full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand and the Amega amwand like range of use, range of influence, re-engineering and overall performance. What is inside will be different in both brands,  but every Amega zero point energy wand should perform like every other Amega zero point energy wand and it doesn’t.

Does Your Amega Zero Point Energy Wand  Work?

Inconsistency seems to be one of the premier traits of the Amwand. They are not all the same. Even the internal contents may be different. There are videos on the You Tube that show Amwands with different contents inside when they were cut open on camera.

The energetic output of each brand is also different. Measuring the energetic output and the overall effectiveness for healing the Iyashi zero point energy wand is consistently better. In some instances the differences are astounding.

A Zero Point Energy Wand  With Half The Effectiveness At Double The Price

The Amega wand is at least double the price because when you buy one, you are paying all of the upline, right to the top. The MLM model is just built that way. If you like that model then it is one you can ethically support.

BFIT In A Zero Point Energy Wand Is The Way Of The Future

Getting back to the flower garden. BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) is a wide spectrum grouping of frequencies and frequency formulas that support a wide range of health issue healing strategies. It is a comprehensive formulation of clean effective frequencies that should last you a lifetime. The process under which every Iyashi zero point energy wand is taken provides that every Iyashi wand performs consistently. They are tested before they are repackaged to make sure this is the case.

Is The Amega Zero Point Energy Wand Amized Fusion A Dinosaur?

The Amized Fusion process is totally inconsistent. You may be lucky enough to get one that works but with their claimed 21 day process, you would think there would be better quality control. They must be using really old, ineffective technology or none at all.

If you want consistency, effectiveness and a clean efficient healing tool choose Iyashi zero point energy wand.

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