Zero Point Energy Wand – What Is An Iyashi Full Spectrum Zero Point Energy Wand?


Testing The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand, Testing And More Testing

The Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand is not sold as is direct from the factory. The Iyashi wand is re-engineered in  Western Canada using modern technology. When a shipment of Iyashi zero point energy wands arrives from overseas, they are removed from the packaging and stripped of all junk energies in their energetically clean facilities. The Iyashi wands are then tested to make sure the zero point capabilities of the wand are optimum. That aspect is fixed if necessary to meet IITs high standards. Then the Iyashi wands are tested to make sure they are ready for the infusion process.

Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand BFIT Has Taken Years To Develop

IIT has developed BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) which is infused into the Iyashi wands. BFIT contains thousands of frequencies combined into hundreds of frequency formulas which combine with the zero point capabilities of the Iyashi wand to make a unique, efficient, clean and effective healing tool that works just like every other Iyashi wand to address a multiplicity of health issues including pain, mobility issues, joint stiffness, circulatory issues, skin conditions and a whole litany of symptoms. For the complete list see the free wanding guide that is available with your Iyashi newsletter sigh-up.

The added benefit of BFIT addresses the peripheral issues that happen as a result of suffering.  There are usually emotional , mental, other physical issues and sometimes spiritual issues that cause the condition in the first place or occur as a result of it. The infused Iyashi wands are then tested for all of these capabilities in addition to range of use, range of influence and of course overall performance. Every Iyashi wand must meet the high IIT standards and work exactly like every other Iyashi wand. Consistency and high standards must be met.

Is The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand The Best Wand For Me To Buy?

All the evidence seems to point to the fact that the Iyashi wand would be a good zero point energy wand to buy. It is diversified enough in its capabilities that it would positively affect health for a lifetime.

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