Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing For Sleep

blue-energy-wavesGetting To Sleep And Staying Asleep With Zero Point Field Healing

Energy has resonance and tends to harmonize with like energies it comes in contact with. Using zero point field healing to help induce sleep is an easy non chemical way to shift the energy of the body with no side effects. There are two approaches to affect sleep, if you have trouble getting to sleep or trouble staying asleep, or both. Neither one gives you the restful sleep you need to repair and restore your body, ready for a full and busy day. Zero point field healing is fast, easy to use, can be self administered and have you ready for sleep within a few minutes. If you use an Iyashi full spectrum zero point field healing wand, it has a few more bells and whistles to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) has been infused into the Iyashi wand to provide a library of energy frequencies the body can use to induce sleep and maintain other body functions.

Relaxing The Body And Mind With Zero Point Field Healing

Sleep comes easily when you are relaxed and your busy energy of the day winds down. Sometimes however, the body still thinks it should be busy and the mind cooperates by analyzing and reanalyzing the daily or weekly events. It just won’t shut off. The energy around the body is too frenetic and busy to slow so the Iyashi wand  pulls the brain frequency into the theta state for drowsiness, then further into the delta state for deep healing sleep.  Let’s see how fast we can help you get to sleep.

Zero Point Field Healing Techniques For Sleep

Sit on the side of the bed ready for sleep. Take your Iyashi zero point field healing wand and place it in the groove three fingers up from the wrist crease on the inside of your arm. Feel around for it with a finger. It is in the center, not off center to the side. Place the tip of the iyashi wand in the groove and roll it back and forth between your thumb and your first finger. While you are doing this breathe in slowly and deeply. Breathe and roll your Iyashi wand for about 3 minutes. Now switch sides, remembering to breathe slowly and deeply.

Now hold the Iyashi wand in a comfortable position and circle your forehead clockwise (as you are looking at it). If you are confused turn the wand in front of your face in a clockwise position as you are looking at it then raise it up to your forehead. Once you get the rhythm going, make a chewing mouth with your mouth about 30 times. Wand slowly and move your mouth slowly.

Place the Iyashi wand on your bedside table with the tip pointing at your pillow. Climb into bed and turn out the light. Sweet dreams. Using zero point field healing for sleep allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed without side effects using your Iyashi wand with its sleep bundle of frequencies.

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