Zero Point Field Healing – Zero Point Field Healing And Your Performance Animals

energy-vortexUse Zero Point Field Healing to Improve The Performance of your Show Dogs and Race Horses

Beautiful animals showing off their finest is very rewarding to be a part of competition and zero point energy can help you take it up a notch. Using zero point field healing on your show dogs and race horses only takes a few minutes but it can settle and focus the animal so it is ready to do its best. It can improve posture and flexibility. Improved oxygenation is another benefit as is clearing the energy field of junk energies that can impede perfection. Zero point field healing is worth a try and you can do it yourself with no skills at all. All you need is an Iyashi full spectrum zero point energy wand  and two minutes of your time.

Zero Point Field Healing With An Iyashi Wand

The Iyashi wand is a zero point wand that interacts with the zero point field scalar energy potential combined with the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) it contains and the energy field of the dog or horse. Now if you have a race pig, it can work for it too.

Zero Point Field Healing Is Improved With BFIT

BFIT contains thousands of frequencies and frequency formulas that interact with the animal’s energy field through the wand. The principles of zero point healing include relieving the energy field of junk impeding energies in combination with giving the body healthy energy choices that help it thrive, feel better and perform better. Some zero point energy wands function on narrow bands of frequencies and have not been infused with energy packages. The Iyashi wand has everything your dog or horse needs to improve its energy to improve its performance.

Calming And Focusing An Animal With Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing

To calm and focus a dog or horse, first point the rounded tip at the animals chest and move the wand clockwise about 30 times. Then move the Iyashi wand to the forehead and do the same thing. The energy transference is immediate. Now put the animal through its paces before its show time to integrate the dog to the energy. That’s it. If you clip the Iyashi wand to your clothing or put it in your pocket, it can help remind the energy to be calm and focused. Now, its show time and the Iyashi wand with its zero point field healing is with you all the way.

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