Zero Point Field Healing – How Is Zero Point Field Healing Different?

stressed-booksCan I Do Zero Point Field Healing Myself?

If you do not feel well and you need help there are three alternatives, you go to a medical doctor or you go to someone who specializes in alternative medicine or you can do something yourself. Alternative medicine usually corrects energetic imbalances with color, herbs, acupuncture or other means which are just different approaches to addressing energetic issues. Using zero  point field healing is another way to work with the energy. The amazing thing is you can do it yourself. You can become your own healer and besides helping yourself you can help your family and friends. It is simple and easy to do using a full spectrum zero point field healing wand like the Iyashi Wand.

The Iyashi Zero Point Field Healing Wand

The Iyashi zero point field healing wand looks like a pen but it is really an instrument that can help you feel better.  You hold it in your hand and move it in various ways close to or touching your skin. The movement of the Iyashi wand can trickle latent scalar energy from the zero point field into the human energy field. There it combines with the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology ) infused into the wand to remind the body of specific healthy frequencies it uses to maintain and restore balance for normal, optimal cell, organ and body functioning.  

What Zero Point Field Healing Does

Once the normal healthy frequency is restored all of the surrounding cells also pick up the resonance. Toxins and metabolic by-products that have accumulated start to move and are released into the body’s elimination system and fresh fluids begin to flow into the area. As stagnation decreases, more efficient fuel delivery and waste release begins to happen.  Symptoms can then begin decreasing and comfort can return.

You have now energetically healed something that is bothering you all by yourself. What a concept! You still need to keep contact with your doctor to monitor your health but with fewer symptoms and less discomfort, life becomes much better as you use your Iyashi zero point field healing wand more and more.

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