Zero Point Field Healing – Amwand Zero Point Field Healing

red-moleculeHow Does The Amwand Work For Zero Point Field Healing?

The Amwand is the flagship product sold by Amega Global that is reported to use zero point field healing to help people restore their health.  To some people, zero point field healing seems almost magical but it is based in the science of energy resonance and how you can shift energy by using energy. If the Amwand was more consistent in its function, it could be a good healing tool but there are too many Amwands out there that are not functioning well. Their amized fusion process seems to have some flaws in the application of it to their products making it a poor tool for zero point field healing.

Why Zero Point Field Healing Is Good For You

Zero point field healing works on the most basic level of everything in the Universe including you – energy – after all the matter is stripped away, you are left with the zero point field with its scalar energy potential.  In its purest state, health is optimal and life just seems to flow nicely. Your energy field is like your car when you drive around the city, it gets dirty, forming junk energies. These junk energies just take up room and do not provide any useful function and after a while you begin to feel lethargic and dull. Life is just not what you want it to be.

Zero Point Field Healing And BFIT

 Zero point field healing can be very beneficial, helping to dissolve these junk energies by changing their frequencies with a good quality zero point field healing wand like the Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) frequency bundles. It consistently marries with the scalar energy from the zero point field, combined with frequencies that the body uses to restore and maintain health from BFIT. The combination seems to work magic, minimizing and eliminating symptoms that plague people, animals and plants. The controlled trickle feed of healing scalar energies makes zero point field healing with the Iyashi wand easier and gives healing a whole new meaning.

Consistent Zero Point Field Healing

The Iyashi zero point field healing wand works like every other Iyashi wand. Every wand is tested to make sure it works consistently and well and you get a product that can work with your energy to improve your health and more inexpensively and consistently than with the Amwand.  You get more than twice the healing effect at half the price.

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