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Is the Zero Point Global Energy Wand A Good Zero Point Energy Wand To Buy?

The Zero Point Global refers to Amega Global, an MLM company that makes a range of zero point energy products including the Amwand, a zero point energy wand. The amega wand had had two models, both of which are very expensive because the MLM model has to feed the top of the heap, then trickles down the line. You can just be a customer of Amega Global but you will still suffer with the price.

Zero Point Energy Wand Trade In Program

A company called Innovative Ionizing Technologies has  an Iyashi trade in program which reportedly has been highly successful for them in turn helping eamega purchasers who claim their amwands don’t work. If the Iyashi  Amega Global trade in program is so successful, it must mean that there are a high number of unsatisfied customers who bought Amega duds. You trade in your amwand for a full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand that is tested and shown to work.

Did You Buy A Zero Point Energy Wand Dud?

Testing done on these amwands showed that a high number of them were in fact duds. Some of the ones that did work, worked only in the frequencies that support sleep. Some tested for pain, but only certain types of pain. The rest had lots of junk energy that would not support health restoration. If you buy an amwand and you have pain, you may be lucky enough to get one that will deal with the type of pain issues you have. As the quality of your pain shifts and you are looking to heal the other peripheral issues around your pain, you are probably out of luck. Would I buy an amwand? Not on your life!

Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand And BFIT

I’ll put my money on an Iyashi wand with its BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) infusion that produces the Iyashi wand wide spectrum of capabilities that can grow with you as your health improves and changes. No half working dud for me!

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