Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Joint Pain and Stiffness

wanding-techniqueWe all know how difficult it is to get around when your joints are painful and stiff. Sometimes wear and tear catches up to you and things are wearing out. The most common problem is painful knees and hips. We tend to use less of what hurts which results in muscle atrophy and the continuation of the cycle. Fortunately, the BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) partnering with the zero point potential through the Iyashi zero point energy wand and the body’s ability to heal can help reduce your pain and improve or eliminate your stiffness. It all has to do with the energy flow and how restricted it is to move restrictive toxins and debris around your joint.

A Zero Point Energy Wand Can Help Pain Which Is Restricted or Blocked Energy

It is a cycle actually. As blood and lymph flow is restricted for any number of reasons, repair of localized tissues is hampered, pain develops along with stiffness, which further restricts lymph and blood flow and so the cycle continues. Muscle movement is important for all kinds of body functions. The lymph system doesn’t have a heart pump and relies on muscle movement to move toxic material to the kidneys and bowel. Lymph is also important for immune function, cell repair and fluid movement between the cells and the blood stream which provides nourishment and waste elimination. The use of the Iyashi zero point energy wand using certain techniques can help move the lymph, releasing the log jam of energetic and physical debris.

How Can The Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand Reduce My Pain and Stiffness

There is a physical and an energetic component to symptoms. Healers have known this for thousands of years. A quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1937 states  “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” It worked just fine until medications took over as the primary treatment. 

A Zero Point Energy Wand Creates An Energetic Doorway To Healing

The Iyashi zero point energy wand is an energetic doorway to move the pure potential of scalar energy into the human energy field. It pulls or pushes the blockage stimulating it to move.  Because the energy blockage could be from a sluggish organ which registers near a joint, it can make it seem that the joint is the issue when it really isn’t. That is why you sometimes need to get advice or treatment from a qualified energy therapist like an acupuncturist or energy healer. Most of the time, however, you can reduce the pain yourself.

A Zero Point Energy Wand Can Help Break Up Energy Blockages

Once the energetic blockage is moving all of the physical results of it now must be repaired. BFIT is like a recipe book full of recipes for healing. These recipes are based on frequencies that the body naturally uses when it is functioning optimally. Although the Iyashi zero point energy wand reminds the body how to heal and what to heal, the BFIT component provides the opportunity for a quicker response time for greater comfort sooner. Using a zero point energy wand like the Iyashi zero point energy wand with its full spectrum capabilities can be a clean, effective, efficient way to relieve joint pain and stiffness.

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