Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand For Foggy Head

wire-electricityA Clean Energy Source Like An Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand

A foggy head is usually caused by an accumulation of junk energies around the head or around the meridians that circulate around the head, like the gall bladder, stomach, small intestine, bladder, large intestine, and trunk (sanjao) meridians. The masculine and feminine meridians traverse the head too. Sometimes it indicates that the associated organ is sluggish and needs attention.  And, if you sit at a computer all day, there may be a related EMF issue that is making your energy field incoherent to the point where you can’t think. Regardless of the cause, its invisible nature may not reveal itself anyway. The energy needs to move for your foggy head to lift so you can think clearly and accomplish what needs to get done. To move energy you need to use a clean effective energy source like the full spectrum Iyashi zero point energy wand.  In addition to accessing the scalar zero point energy potential the Iyashi healing wand is infused with BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) to help the body translate the healthy energetic imprints the wand is imparting.

How Can An Iyashi Zero Point Energy Wand Fix An Organ Affecting  My Head?

The Chinese and Indian Cultures discovered the correlation between mind body and spirit, centuries ago. There are 14 major energy meridians in the body, each governing and nourishing an organ or area of the body. The meridians traverse the body from head to toe, some running almost the full length of the body, some not. There are eight major meridians that move through parts of the head that can affect how you feel by how healthy they are. If they are sluggish or overwhelmed by your physical, mental, emotional  or spiritual health, then the energy in them may need to be revitalized. For example, if you are worried about something your stomach and its accompanying meridian with react which could cause stomach problems in addition to the foggy head or there may be no stomach symptoms at all. The large intestine is also affected by worry which could also contribute to your foggy head. Each organ has emotional and spiritual components which could also contribute.

Is There A Zero Point Energy Wand Technique To Clear My Foggy Head?

Since there could be a multiplicity of causes, all of them energetic, it could take some time to unravel the puzzle so by using a clean effective zero point energy tool like the Iyashi energy wand, the energetic root of the problem can be resolved.  Since there are points all over the head where the energy can stagnate we are going to use an energy spiral to move the energy and  introduce a scalar energy push through a few of the major organ systems that influence the head in some way. Hold the Iyashi energy wand closer to the blunt end so the rounded end is pointed at the top of your head. You are going to move the Iyashi zero point energy wand in a clockwise circle in the center of the top of your head for about 20 repetitions then continue to move the wand around the outside of the top of your head for a few rotations, then around the side of your head for a few rotations, slowly moving down the side of the head, rotating the wand around yourself. You may need to change hands as you move down closer to the base of your neck. You should do several rotations before moving the wand down an inch or two to make the next clockwise circles. When you have done several circles around the base of your neck, move the wand to the center of your chest and do about 30 clockwise circles there. You should notice that you are more alert and ready to get on with your day. Zero point energy wands when they are good quality, are clean energy sources that can work with and restore the energy fields within and around the body without other interventions. You can feel better with clean healthy energy flowing through the meridians of your body nourishing every aspect of you to keep you balanced, harmonized, healthy and happy and just as importantly, free of a foggy head.

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