Zero Point Energy Wand – Zero Point Energy Wand and Pain


How Can A Zero Point Energy Wand Help Pain?

Pain is a blockage or restriction in the energy field in one or more of the energy pipelines called meridians. There are different types of pain, depending on where the blockage is but the fact is, it hurts. A good quality zero point energy wand has the capacity to move the energy block and change the energy from a heavy dull state into a more natural lighter state.

Changing Your Energy With A Zero Point Energy Wand

All the energy in the universe from the very beginning is still here. It just recycles and changes form. Because science has proved this, it is now possible to change dull heavy blockages into light flowing energy by interacting with the zero point field. The zero point field is the basic framework on which everything is built and with which you act and react on an energetic level every single day. Just like your body functions automatically without you having to think about the millions of chemical reactions that keep you healthy and alive every second, so there are energetic reactions that also maintain your health and vitality every second.

Physical And Energetic Effects With A Zero Point Energy Wand

When the physical or energetic components of your health are damaged in some way, you react with symptoms like pain, for example. Pain is just a signal that is something wrong. It is unpleasant enough that it gets our attention. The best strategy to get rid of pain is to fix it at the root cause which is energy.  Everything about you is built on energy so it makes sense to fix the energetic framework, the energy within the zero point field.

A Zero Point Energy Wand Can Be A Gateway To Healing

A good quality zero point energy wand like the Iyashi wand is literally a gateway to access the healing potential  called scalar energy in the zero point field. The energy producing capabilities in the Iyashi wand combined with certain movements create an energetic vortex, much like water running down a sink. The vortex pulls energy from the zero point field which pushes the heavy dull stuck energy while at the same time instilling within in it a more clear and pure state, much like clear water pouring into a dirty stream.  The energy begins moving and begins to clear.

Help Erase Stubborn Symptoms With A Zero Point Energy Wand

Sometimes repeated wandings are needed to clear the blockage enough to create the momentum for the energy to remain clear and flowing. To help the body heal peripheral issues around the initial blockage, IIT has created an energy package called BFIT (Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology) that is infused into each Iyashi wand. BFIT contains thousands of frequency formulas and combinations of formulas that the body reads and follows much like you would when you are following a recipe. The result is the body takes what it wants from the ingredients in the energetic cupboard and leaves the rest, until a future time when they might be needed. The result is a more efficient healing process and a much happier you.

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